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What’s wrong with the way it is? Why is a master plan needed?

Parks are always changing and evolving to meet new demands and interests. Wells Park is no exception and when you look at its history, you’ll see that it has been modified over 70 years on a piecemeal basis, with improvements added a little at a time.  The park has never had a master plan which would provide a rational basis for future improvements.  Such a plan could also establish a stronger connection with existing community organizations, agencies and user groups that regularly use Wells Park for a variety of activities.

How is the public involved in preparing the master plan?

The Parks Department has created a variety of ways for people to track the project and get involved.  The first is the series of open houses held at critical points in the planning process. All of these open houses are interactive, which means that participants can write their comments and suggestions on signs and panels in the room.  Second, people can log on to the project website and offer their thoughts.

Third, a Project Advisory Committee comprising representatives of user groups, area organizations, and the general public has been formed. The group will meet with the Parks staff and consultant team several times during the planning process and will work with the design team throughout the process.

What’s the schedule for the planning process?

In early February, there will be an open house to review three concept options for the park. Once the community and the project committee identify a “preferred option”, it’ll be reviewed at another open house in late March. Then in mid-May, the “final” master plan concept will be presented at a public event.

What happens after the master plan is done?

The Parks Department will submit a budget request to council for design and construction funds for phased improvements. Once these funds are secured, it will be about nine months to complete design and permitting and then bid the project to begin construction.

Will the tennis courts be removed?  Will the youth football and baseball be removed?

No.  The Parks Department is faced daily with meeting facility demands across the county and will not displace existing users for the existing facilities.  The master plan will be based on retaining the existing courts and fields, while planning for the future overall use of the park. 

We anticipate developing three phased alternatives for the park's redevelopment, all versions will include tennis facilities and multipurpose athletic space.  Some alternatives may suggest a longer term reconfiguration of the courts and additional courts, but there is no plan to remove any tennis courts without replacing them at the park.

How do we offer our comments on what’s being proposed?

You can: 1) attend the project’s open houses (check the county’s web site for specific dates and times) or (2) submit comments to the project’s website. In addition, there will be a few First Friday events when the Parks Department will have a booth with information and opportunities to comment on the Wells Park Master Plan project.

Who do I speak with if I have a question?

People should feel free to contact the Parks Department’s Project Manager David Yamashita at or at 808-270-6508.

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