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“ The historic town of Wailuku is much more than just the seat of government for Maui County. Those fortunate enough to live and work here know it as a hometown of quiet neighborhoods, friendly people and happy memories...As we continue to preserve the best of yesterday’s Wailuku - and incorporate its spirit into our plans for the future -

I invite you to discover for yourself the historic streets and charming buildings of old Wailuku Town. ”

 - James “Kimo” Apana - 

Wailuku 1920: An early aerial photograph shows a model American small town, its tidy streets lined with stately public buildings, bustlin businesses and homes with mature trees and well-tended lawns. Wells Park is in the lower right hand corner. 

Wailuku has great historical value and a vibrant cultural legacy that runs deep. From Kamehameha’s victory at Iao Valley to the birthplace of the powerful sugar industry, Wailuku played a large role in the island’s history and made a strong impact on the state of Hawai‘i.

Sources: Exploring Wailuku by George Engegreton

Maui Remembers: A Local History by Gail Bartholomew & Bren Bailey

Photo Credit: Brian J. McMorrow

Photo Credit: Brian J. McMorrow

Much of this history is still alive throughout the town. Although a new generation of government and young business owners have moved in, the town still has that old town feel thanks to the many art deco buildings and simple plantation homes. The colorful town is a mix of the young and the old with beautiful scenery and the serene and powerful, Iao Valley.​

Wells Park Today

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