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Unable to make it to the Community Outreach meetings, no problem! Below are image boards to help you tell us what Wells Park should be as well as some key information to be taken into consideration.


What is your motivation to participate in programs of Central Maui? What motivates you?

Here are the activities that most residents of Central Maui participate in. Do you participate in these activities? 


These are recreational facilities that residents are currently using in Central Maui. Do you use these facilities? How often?


Are there any crosswalks or intersections that do not feel safe? Let us know in the comments below! 

Accident & Speed Data

Children of different ages develop physical and mental skills differently. Wells Park should accommodate these needs. Do you agree?

Play: Age Breakdown

It is proven that playing and physical activity promotes positive mental and social health! What do you think?

Play Promotes Mental & Social Health
Physical Health

Is Wells Park a place that promotes a positive play experience? If yes, tell us! If not, tell us how we can improve. 

Back in 1916 & 1917, Wells Park was home to the Maui County Fair. What are some of your favorite memories at Wells Park? Tell us in the comments below. 

Maui County Fair
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